are liquor stores open in massachusetts

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  • How many liquor licenses can a grocery store have in Ma?

  • MA has pretty wonky liquor laws, used to be an entity within the state could hold 3 liquor licenses; so 3 grocery store locations could sell beer, wine, spirits, aka 3 Stop and shops, 3 whole foods ect in the state. As of 2011 the number was increased to 5, as of 2016 it is 7 licenses, by 2020 an entity will be able to hold 9 liquor licenses. 1

  • Are liquor stores open or closed on Monday?

  • It鈥檚 possible, however, that if your local liquor store isn鈥檛 part of a major chain, it may close or adjust its hours for the holiday. To be safe, call your local liquor store ahead of time to confirm that it will be open on Monday.

  • Are liquor stores open on Memorial Day 2022?

  • While state liquor stores might be closed, there are certain alcohol sellers that will remain open on Memorial Day 2022. If you live in a state or district with privately owned and operated liquor stores, it’s best to call ahead to determine your local store’s hours. What liquor stores will be open on Memorial Day?

  • Is it legal to order alcohol online in Massachusetts?

  • 飴?Note: It’s now legal in Massachusetts to order alcohol online! 飴?鉃?Head over to Drizlyfor same-day delivery of beer, wine, and/or liquor delivered to your door! Grocery/Liquor Store (Off-Premise) Sale Hours:

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