are liquor stores open on new year’s day

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  • Are liquor stores open on New Year鈥檚 Eve 2020?

  • This year, New Year鈥檚 Eve 2020 falls on a Thursday and New Year鈥檚 Day is on a Friday, so neither will be affected by Sunday laws, but they could be affected by other laws. In general, if liquor sales are state-controlled, then there鈥檚 a chance those liquor stores could be closed for New Year鈥檚 Day unless otherwise indicated below.

  • Are liquor sales open on New Year鈥檚 Eve and day in Vermont?

  • Vermont 鈥?No statewide New Year鈥檚 Eve restrictions. But liquor sales aren鈥檛 permitted from government-run stores on recognized New Year鈥檚 Day, so you鈥檒l want to call to confirm hours.

  • Can you buy liquor on New Year鈥檚 Day in Delaware?

  • Delaware 鈥?There鈥檚 no statewide ban on sales on New Year鈥檚 Day. So call to see the hours your local store is open. Sales aren鈥檛 state-controlled, but liquor can鈥檛 be sold on Sundays, Thanksgiving, Easter, or Christmas. However, New Year鈥檚 is in the clear.

  • Are liquor stores open on holidays?

  • Some states or counties may prohibit sales of alcohol on certain holidays, if a holiday falls on a Sunday can also present challenges, but generally speaking, are liquor stores open on particular holidays? Is the Liquor Store Open Today? Know Before You Go!

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