can a felon get a liquor license in ohio

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A felony willtypically not prevent someone from obtaining a business or liquor license. Most applications will ask the applicant to provide details and an explanation related to any criminal conviction. The licensing authority will then investigate the offense and decide whether to issue the alcohol license or not.

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  • Can a felon apply for a liquor license?

  • In most jurisdictions, an applicant for a liquor license must be at least 21 years old. Generally, a crime of moral turpitude is cause for further investigation of character and fitness, consisting of: If a felon applies to obtain an alcohol license, he or she needs to be honest in reporting any conviction.

  • How do I get a liquor license in Ohio?

  • If you鈥檙e wondering how to get a liquor license, you should start with the basics. Many states allow for a certain amount of licenses at any given time. In Ohio, the number of licenses available depend on the population of the area where you own鈥攐r would like to own鈥?a business serving alcohol. You鈥檒l find times in which no licenses are available.

  • Can I sell alcohol with a felony on my record?

  • Although having a felony on your criminal record can be an issue for someone wishing to sell alcohol, there are a number of different things that an individual must do before expecting that they would qualify for a license.

  • What are the requirements to get a liquor license in Florida?

  • The applicant should not have had a felony conviction in the past 5 years The applicant should not have had violated any of the state liquor laws in the past 5 years There should have been no violation of moral turpitude liquor laws within the past six months

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