can a felon get a liquor license in ohio

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A felony willtypically not prevent someone from obtaining a business or liquor license. Most applications will ask the applicant to provide details and an explanation related to any criminal conviction. The licensing authority will then investigate the offense and decide whether to issue the alcohol license or not.

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  • How hard is it to get a liquor license in Ohio?

  • Ohio State Liquor Licenses are available only by quota and transfer, making them difficult to obtain. The governing body for these permits is the state鈥檚 Department of Commerce-specifically its Division of Liquor Control. Their application process is plainly laid out.

  • Can a felon get a liquor license?

  • The most important point, however, is knowing that having a criminal past, even as a felon, does not automatically bar someone from obtaining a license. The check carried out by liquor bureaus is much more thorough and takes multiple factors into account.

  • What happens if a liquor license is rejected in Ohio?

  • If the objections are sustained, a rejection order is sent by certified mail to the applicant. The applicant may file an appeal within 30 days of the date of the order to the Ohio Liquor Control Commission. A permit cannot be issued until all administrative and legal remedies have been exhausted.

  • Can I sell alcohol with a felony on my record?

  • Although having a felony on your criminal record can be an issue for someone wishing to sell alcohol, there are a number of different things that an individual must do before expecting that they would qualify for a license.

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