can a nonprofit have a liquor license

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  • Do non-profits need a business license?

  • Just like any other business, nonprofits need a business license; however, the business license tax is waived upon presentation of proof that the business has a non-profit status. Business licenses are usually issued by the local government to organizations that are located in its jurisdiction.

  • Can I sell alcohol as a non-profit?

  • 鈥? F-2 permit: The permit allows a nonprofit organization to sell beer or intoxicating liquor (wine, mixed beverages and spirituous liquor) by the single serving at events. There must be a 鈥渃haritable, cultural, educational, fraternal, or political purpose鈥?behind the event. No more

  • What is a special nonprofit event license?

  • The Special Nonprofit Event License authorizes domestic nonprofit organizations to solicit and accept the donations of beer, wine, and alcoholic liquor for sale and on-premises consumption at an event. It also allows suppliers to provide equipment and trained representatives to serve and pour alcohol at licensed nonprofit events.

  • What are the requirements to license a private club liquor license?

  • Nonprofit Organizations (Private Club) Liquor by the Drink Requirements: The premises to be licensed must not be open to the general public and must have limited membership. The premises to be licensed must be located in a place separate and distinct from the premises of any business establishment.

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