can i bring a baby into a liquor store

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It’s not a problem,you canbring your child into liquor stores.

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  • Do you go to the liquor store with kids?

  • If anyone needs to visit a liquor store, it’s someone with kids! Nothing makes me appreciate a good drink more than bedtime. But then again, whenever we go to a restaurant the kids ask, Mommy, are you going to get a Mojito today? so maybe I’m not the best person to ask about it…

  • Is it OK to bring a child into a grocery store?

  • From the standpoint of someone why used to manage one, it’s ok with the staff as long as the kids are well behaved and respectful. Running around in the store, playing with bottles and general roughhousing are generally frowned upon for the safety of all.

  • Do You Bring your kids to wine tastings?

  • There is a woman who brings her kid sometimes to wine tastings (he’s a teenager). She lets him taste a bit, and he helps her pick out wine. The kid’s already got a good palate, and I bet a much healthier view of the uses and abuses of alcohol than many of his peers.

  • Is it bad for kids to drink out of plastic bottles?

  • Not a problem if you have complete control of your child or children. Very young kids are attracted to the pretty labels on bottles and this can be a problem.

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