can i buy liquor with an expired license

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Not only are younot supposed to purchasethings like cigarettes and alcohol while using an expired identification, but you also aren鈥檛 allowed to find someone who does have a valid identification to purchase the items for you.

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  • How can I Lose my Liquor License?

  • Be meticulous: learn how you could lose your alcohol license. If you don鈥檛 properly check photo ID as required by state law (local liquor boards will often run sting operations checking for this), and/or serve minors alcohol as a result, you can lose your license.

  • Can a business lose its liquor license in a dry county?

  • Though legal alcohol sales are generally governed by the state, even in states where the sale of alcohol is allowed, there may be 鈥渄ry counties.鈥?These differing state and local restrictions can lead to unaware business owners losing their liquor licenses. Some of the more common variations are outlined below.

  • Can a liquor license be revoked for serving alcohol?

  • In fact, serving alcohol to under-21-year-olds is the most common reason a liquor license is revoked. Many states require staff serving alcoholic beverages to obtain a permit or certification such as ServSmart or SmartServe before they can do so.

  • Is the loss of a liquor license always permanent?

  • The loss of a liquor license may not always be permanent. Businesses may be allowed to have their license reinstated after certain conditions have been met; however, in instances where businesses are knowingly selling alcohol to minors or to intoxicated persons who cause physical harm or property damage, the loss of a license may be permanent.

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