can i distill my own liquor

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  • Is it legal to distill your own alcohol?

  • Check your local laws for the legality of distilling your own alcohol. In many states / countries it is illegal. Also, there may be tax due on the product, even if you use it for personal consumption.

  • How to distill alcohol at home?

  • The Distillation 鈥?Distilling Alcohol. For distillation use the entire mash, both liquid and solid parts. Dont filter the mash before distilling. You would lose taste and smell by filtration. Therefore the stills for distilling alcohol at home contain solid parts. Hence it is necessary to use a burn protector.

  • Can a moonshine still be used to distill alcohol?

  • Moonshine still owners with this permit cannot distill 鈥渃onsumable鈥?alcohol – only alcohol-based fuel. One of the most obvious, and popular, reasons for owning a moonshine or whiskey still is to distill some type of alcohol – be it bourbon, vodka, whiskey, grappas, or moonshine.

  • Do you have to distill twice?

  • If the mash contains less than about 10 %ABV alcohol, you have to distill twice (double distillation). If the alcohol content is higher than that, a simple distillation is completely sufficient. This kind of distillation produces the most intense taste and smell, more than double distilled alcohol. Don鈥檛 forget to separate the heads (foreshot).

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