can i take my child into a liquor store

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  • Do you go to the liquor store with kids?

  • If anyone needs to visit a liquor store, it’s someone with kids! Nothing makes me appreciate a good drink more than bedtime. But then again, whenever we go to a restaurant the kids ask, Mommy, are you going to get a Mojito today? so maybe I’m not the best person to ask about it…

  • Can a minor enter a liquor store in Florida?

  • A:State law does not prohibit individuals who are under 21 from entering liquor stores. Minors may make purchases in a liquor store as long as they don’t buy alcoholic beverages. Many liquor stores stock snacks and soft drinks.

  • Are minors allowed in liquor stores in Wisconsin?

  • Here in Wisconsin, an underage person can drink if the parents consent to it and are with them, so they are most definitely allowed in liquor stores. The alcohol laws are a bit more relaxed here.

  • Do liquor stores sell alcohol to people under 21?

  • Our liquor stores have signs that say that people under 21 are not allowed in the liquor stores, so I assume as the child gets older, they’re more likely to not sell me alcohol? IDK, maybe I’m wrong. I’ve seen kids older than mine in the liquor stores.

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