can liquor stores open on sunday

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Liquor stores are allowed to remain open until11 PM Monday-Saturday, and many stores take advantage of the 11 PM cut-off time. On Sundays, liquor stores must close by 8 PM. Nearly any liquor store in the state of Kansas will close at the maximum time allotted by State law.

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  • Are liquor stores open on holidays?

  • Some states or counties may prohibit sales of alcohol on certain holidays, if a holiday falls on a Sunday can also present challenges, but generally speaking, are liquor stores open on particular holidays? Is the Liquor Store Open Today? Know Before You Go!

  • Can I sell or deliver alcohol on Sundays?

  • No liquor stores or retailers can sell or deliver alcoholic liquor on Sundays, Thanksgiving, Easter, or Christmas or at hours other than those prescribed by the rules or regulations of the Commissioner in each county or local government.

  • What time do liquor stores close in Ohio?

  • Most liquor stores that receive a license typically will open for liquor sales on Sundays from 1 PM until 6 PM only. Apart from these regulations, you will find that liquor stores in Ohio tend to close between 10-11 PM. What Time Do Liquor Stores Close in Oklahoma?

  • How many days a week are liquor stores allowed to operate?

  • Liquor stores are allowed to operate seven days a week, but there is a firm law in place that only allows operations from the time of 8 AM-9 PM Monday-Saturday, and 10 AM-6 PM on Sundays.

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