can you doordash liquor

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  • Who can buy alcohol on DoorDash?

  • Only customers who are of legal drinking age in the jurisdiction, have a valid non-expired photo ID, and are not visibly intoxicated are eligible to buy alcohol through DoorDash. How can restaurants offer alcohol delivery? If you鈥檙e a restaurant, learn more about how to add alcohol to your offerings here.

  • How long does DoorDash take to deliver alcohol?

  • DoorDash’s average delivery time is under 35 minutes, and you’ll save on staffing as there’s no need to hire or train delivery drivers. Where is DoorDash able to facilitate alcohol delivery? Alcohol delivery is currently available only in the following locations:

  • Does DoorDash deliver Margaritas?

  • But recently I saw a restaurant say they could deliver margaritas! So I wondered if they do that on their own, or does DoorDash deliver alcohol? DoorDash does deliver alcohol, primarily from restaurants. However, not every restaurant they deliver from will allow alcohol delivery, and some also require a food purchase.

  • Is DoorDash still delivering alcohol during the pandemic?

  • Yes, Doordash is still delivering alcohol during the pandemic. As a matter of fact, the pandemic is part of the reason that Doordash has been able to expand to the sale and delivery of non-food items on the app.

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