can you fly with liquor in your checked bag

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  • Can I fly with alcohol in my checked luggage?

  • Re: Flying with Alcohol in checked luggage Another thing to consider is this: Some plastic types do not react well to alcohol, be it isopropyl or methyl alcohol. Washington DC… 4. Re: Flying with Alcohol in checked luggage 5. Re: Flying with Alcohol in checked luggage

  • How much alcohol can you bring in your checked bag?

  • For bottles that are more than 24 percent but less than 70 percent (which covers the majority of spirits), the administration allows up to five liters in your checked bag, which is likely more than you鈥檒l need. Anything higher than 70-percent alcohol is a no-go, though we鈥檙e not really sure how that鈥檚 enforced.

  • How much alcohol can you bring on a United Airlines plane?

  • As the TSA guidelines state, you can bring 3.4 ounces or 100 mL of alcohol on a United Airlines flight. You鈥檙e not allowed to drink alcohol on the plane. But if you wanted to bring some with you, pack it in your checked baggage. You can pack up to five liters that鈥檚 between 25% and 70% alcohol.

  • Can you bring wine on a plane?

  • Yes, wine fits between the 24% and 70% alcohol content required by the TSA for checked baggage. You can take up to 5 liters of alcohol, so bring a few bottles if you鈥檇 like!

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