can you get liquor delivered in virginia

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  • Where can I get alcohol delivered in Virginia?

  • From Alexandria to Virginia Beach, Drizly can provide you with quick delivery for Virginia wines and whatever else you鈥檙e thirsting for from your nearby liquor stores. Are you sure alcohol delivery is legal? Yes, alcohol delivery is perfectly legal in the cities and states we serve.

  • Can You ship wine and beer to your home in Virginia?

  • Direct Shipment of Wine and Beer to Your Home. Any winery, brewery or retailer in or out of state who holds a Virginia ABC shipper’s license may sell and ship up to two cases of wine or two cases of beer per month directly to a consumer’s home for personal consumption and not for resale.

  • Is alcohol delivery legal in my state?

  • Yes, alcohol delivery is legal in the cities and states Minibar Delivery serves. We’ve been helping local stores deliver wine, spirits, and beer for over five years! How long does delivery take?

  • Where can I get liquor delivered?

  • No party is complete without your favorite liquors. is known for it鈥檚 amazing delivery coverage and fast delivery options. Enter your zip code above to get started with your order!

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