can you order liquor on doordash

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  • Do you have to take an alcohol course for DoorDash?

  • Some jurisdictions have additional requirements for Dashers, such as an alcohol safety course. Where those requirements are in place, DoorDash ensures only eligible Dashers who have completed those steps are assigned to alcohol delivery orders. What is the consumer experience when ordering alcohol?

  • How does DoorDash work with alcohol retailers?

  • The DoorDash App helps alcohol retails connect with local customers, and facilitates delivery through DoorDash鈥檚 world-class logistics platform. We help retailers with beer and wine delivery, retail liquor sales, and more. Where is DoorDash able to facilitate alcohol delivery? Alcohol delivery is currently available only in the following locations:

  • Does DoorDash deliver Margaritas?

  • But recently I saw a restaurant say they could deliver margaritas! So I wondered if they do that on their own, or does DoorDash deliver alcohol? DoorDash does deliver alcohol, primarily from restaurants. However, not every restaurant they deliver from will allow alcohol delivery, and some also require a food purchase.

  • Can you get cigarettes from DoorDash without being drunk?

  • Cigarettes cannot be left on your doorstep. You have to be there to collect it, as the Dasher would need to confirm that the person they would be handing over the cigarettes to is actually the person whose ID has been uploaded to the app and that you are at least 21, and that you are not drunk. Can you order alcohol from DoorDash?

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