can you ship liquor to a friend

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It isillegal for anyone to ship alcohol without the proper license. These licenses are generally only granted to producers and distributors of alcohol. You cannot simply go buy a bottle of alcohol and ship it to your friend.

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  • Can I ship alcohol to friends?

  • Alcohol can easily be bought online, but mailing or shipping alcohol is no easy feat. Whether shipping within a state or across state lines or internationally, there are a few rules and regulations to be aware of before loading up on bottles to send home to friends.

  • Can I ship alcohol to another state?

  • Other states like Delaware only allow direct shipments that come from a licensed wholesaler or through online purchases. Note that USPS shipping restrictions do not allow the mailing of any alcohol. FedEx and UPS allow alcohol to be shipped if their strict guidelines are followed.

  • What are the rules for shipping alcohol?

  • There are some universal rules for shipping alcohol that include: 1 Alerting the carrier that a shipment contains alcohol 2 Paying a special alcohol package fee 3 An adult that is 21 or older must sign for the package

  • What happens if you ship alcohol without a license?

  • So, if you are not licensed to ship alcohol, then you will not be able to do so. You can face a penalty for shipping alcohol if you try to do so without the proper license.

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