can you use a gift card at a liquor store

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  • Can I buy liquor or fuel with a corporate gift card?

  • Corporate Grocery Gift Cards cannot be used to buy liquor or fuel in the western provinces. Relief Vouchers, Vendor Coupons and Store Coupons cannot be used as tender to buy Corporate Gift Cards.

  • What can I buy with a gift card?

  • Gift giving made easy for any occasion! Gift cards can be used to buy anything from that hard-to-find microbrew to a coveted Cab and everything in between. Total Wine More digital and physical Gift Cards can be: PLEASE NOTE: Only gift cards purchased from the Westbury, NY store can be redeemed in the Westbury, NY store.

  • Where can I buy a liquor card in Newfoundland and Labrador?

  • GIFT CARDS You can purchase Liquor Store gift cards online or at any NLC Liquor Store throughout Newfoundland and Labrador. Choose from $25, $50, or $100 pre-set cards, or get one of our variable gift cards when you decide the amount. Liquor Store gift cards are perfect for birthday, wedding and Christmas gifts, corporate incentives,鈥?/div>GIFT CARDS 鈥?Newfoundland Labrador Liquor Corporation

  • Can I use the share card as a gift?

  • The SHARE card can be used at any participating store to load a balance onto the CARE card for your loved one to redeem. Every time you reload the SHARE card, its balance is available on the CARE card that you gave as a gift! Pick one up in-store today.

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