de nada liquor

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  • What is de nada silver tequila?

  • This is a tequila to be sipped neat or mixed in cocktails, like Palomas, Mexican Mules and Margaritas. Loved De Nada Silver! Smooth with a hint of pineapple at the end. This is an elegant sipping tequila to be enjoyed with friends or a quiet night alone by the fire.

  • What is Denada blanco tequila?

  • De-Nada Blanco Tequila entices with aromas suggesting candied pineapple, peach, grapefruit and peppermint. On the palate, vibrant cooked agave.

  • Is de-nada Tequila coming to New Jersey?

  • NEW YORK 鈥?DE-NADA, a newly-launched, award-winning, additive-free tequila brand created by two Millennial entrepreneurs, Daniel Neeson and Adam Millman, announced distribution deals with Empire Merchants鈥?Vintage Division in New York State and Allied Beverage Group in New Jersey. Both partnerships go into effect this month.

  • What is Dede-Nada?

  • DE-NADA was born from an epic journey that saw us venture from the streets of New Orleans to the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico in search of the finest tequila. In a field of blue agave, a family of 5th generation distillers gifted us the perfect drop and we couldn鈥檛 wait to share it.

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