de nada liquor

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  • What is de nada silver tequila?

  • This is a tequila to be sipped neat or mixed in cocktails, like Palomas, Mexican Mules and Margaritas. Loved De Nada Silver! Smooth with a hint of pineapple at the end. This is an elegant sipping tequila to be enjoyed with friends or a quiet night alone by the fire.

  • What does Denada Tequila taste like?

  • De-Nada Blanco Tequila entices with aromas suggesting candied pineapple, peach, grapefruit and peppermint. On the palate, vibrant cooked agave. A medium to long finish is complemented by the aroma of roasted agave and a hint of vanilla.

  • What is Dede-Nada?

  • DE-NADA was born from an epic journey that saw us venture from the streets of New Orleans to the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico in search of the finest tequila. In a field of blue agave, a family of 5th generation distillers gifted us the perfect drop and we couldn鈥檛 wait to share it.

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