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  • Does Dom Pérignon make non-vintage wines?

  • Each bottling of Dom Prignon contains grapes only from a single year, showcasing that vintage鈥檚 unique characteristics. Dom Prignon does not produce a non-vintage wine, prioritizing quality over quantity. Some Years Have No Dom Prignon At All.

  • Why Dondon鈥橲 liquors&wine?

  • Don鈥檚 Liquors Wine is a retail-based store in San Jose California for more than 30 years. We are well known in bringing new and unique wines, whisky and spirits to our customers, and are proud to work with local distributors and local wineries.

  • How many Dom Pérignon vintages does Richard Geoffroy make?

  • But some years have no Dom Prignon at all. The chef de cave of Dom Prignon, currently Richard Geoffroy, will only make and release the wine in vintages that will age more than 20 years. As a rule, he produces no more than six vintages each decade.

  • Who is Dom Pérignon?

  • Dom Pierre Prignon was a 17th-century monk who lived in the Abbey of Hautvillers, where he was also the cellar master. He believed that hard work brought a monk closer to God, which ignited his dream of creating 鈥渢he best wine in the world.鈥?/div>15 Things You Should Know About Dom Prignon Champagne

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