how do i get a liquor license in ohio

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There are two ways to get a liquor license in Ohio:apply for a new one or purchase a license from a current holder. Some states allow local liquor boards to make the licensing call. A liquor license in Ohio is awarded at the state level by applying with the Department of Commerce’s Division of Liquor Control.

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  • What license do you need to sell liquor in Ohio?

  • Types of Liquor Licenses. D6 鈥?The D6 permit allows for the sale of liquor on Sundays. Permit holders can only sell liquor between the hours of 10 am鈥攐r 11 am, depending on the county鈥攁nd midnight. To sell liquor in the state of Ohio on Sunday, you must possess a permit.

  • What do I need to apply for a liquor license?

  • Some of the items you must provide with your liquor license application are your employer identification number (EIN), business license, sales tax permit, health permit, building permit, and zoning permit. The building and zoning permits are used to determine if your business is in a location and facility where it is legal to sell alcohol.

  • How much does it cost to manufacture alcoholic beverages in Ohio?

  • Permits to Manufacture Alcoholic Beverages in Ohio Permit Class Permit Fee Description A1 $3,906 ORC 4303.02 Manufacturer of Beer 鈥?produ … A1A $3,906 ORC 4303.021 Beer, and any intoxicating … A1c $1,000 ORC 4303.022 Manufacturer of Beer 鈥?prod … A2 $76 ORC 4303.03 Manufacturer of wine. 8 more rows …

  • How do I get a liquor license in Delaware?

  • To get a license in Delaware, you can apply online via the Office of Alcoholic Beverage Control Commissioner (OABCC) online licensee system. There are different application types and prices depending on whether you plan to import liquor into the state, supply liquor to Delaware importers, or sell alcohol at a group gathering.

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