how do you drink liquor

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  • How do you drink liqueurs?

  • You can drink many of them over ice, or even simply on their own. Try Limoncello, Chambord, Fireball, Drambuie, Amaretto, and any other liqueurs you like on their own. The better quality a liqueur, the better it will taste served straight. Add a citrus peel, like lemon or orange, to the more bitter liqueurs to open up their sweeter notes.

  • How do you drink a shot without alcohol taste?

  • Get a soda, juice, or beer to take with your shot. You will take a sip of the chaser right after you down the shot to remove the taste of the liquor from your tongue. Make sure you have your chaser ready before you take your shot.

  • How to drink alcohol correctly?

  • How to Drink Alcohol Method 1 of 3: Preparing to Drink. Hydrate accordingly. Alcohol will dehydrate you, so it is important to make sure you… Method 2 of 3: Drinking Responsibly. Remember your past experiences. These should be a good indicator of what and how… Method 3 of 3: Finishing the Night …

  • How do you drink a shot of whiskey?

  • That could be water, or even a beer or mixed drink. Depending on your shot, pour liquid over the flames, or drop the shot into your water or beer. Drink your shot in one gulp. Since shots tend to be strong, especially shots ablaze, the best way to drink them is all at once.

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