how long does it take to transfer a liquor license

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180 days

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  • How do I transfer a liquor license to another person?

  • An application for a liquor license transfer includes the following requirements: Contract of Sale between the person who is transferring the business and who is buying the business, If someone is buying a business that has a liquor license, a temporary retail permit may allow the new business owner to sell liquor sooner.

  • How long does it take to transfer a liquor permit in Ohio?

  • Under Ohio law a number of events occur when a liquor permit transfer application is filed. First, the application is entered into the Ohio Division of Liquor Control (ODLC) system. This can take a couple of days. It is important for your legal counsel to ensure the initial application is properly completed and executed.

  • How long does it take to lodge a liquor licence application?

  • Applicants are advised to lodge liquor licence applications at least eight weeks in advance. The time taken to process an application will vary depending on a range of factors including the complexity of the application and any objections which may be raised.

  • What happens during the transfer of licence application process?

  • During the Transfer of Licence application the existing licensee must not vacate the premises and the applicant must not sell or supply liquor until approval has been given by the licensing authority.

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