how many liquor licenses in massachusetts

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  • Can a corporation hold a liquor license in Massachusetts?

  • A corporation may hold such a liquor license provided that the corporation is organized under the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, that all directors of the corporation are citizens of the United States and that a majority of the directors of the corporation are residents of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

  • What are the different types of alcoholic beverage state licenses?

  • Different Types of Alcoholic Beverage State Licenses (ABCC) Alcoholic Beverages Distributors License Alcoholic Beverages Direct-to-Consumer License Alcoholic Beverages Broker or Salesman Permit Alcoholic Beverages Storage Permit Alcoholic Beverages Transportation Permit Alcoholic Beverages Manufacturer License One-Day Special Permits

  • What is the Massachusetts Liquor Control Act Section Number?

  • Please note that anywhere a statute is cited by section number (鈥?#167;鈥?, it is referring to the Massachusetts Liquor Control Act, M.G.L. c. 138, unless otherwise noted. When does an individual need an alcohol license?

  • What kind of license do you need to sell alcohol?

  • All alcoholic beverages (wine, malt beverages, and distilled spirits) In certain cities and towns that vote to accept a specific state law, businesses that hold a wine and malt beverages license under 12 as well as a common victualler鈥檚 license may be given a permit to sell also cordials and liqueurs.

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