how much liquor can i bring to us

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One liter

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  • How much alcohol can I bring into the US?

  • How much liquor and wine can I bring into the U.S.? U.S. Customs and Border Protection allows you to bring up to one liter of alcohol into the country duty-free as long as you’re 21 years or older. The amount goes up to 5 liters duty free when you’re bringing alcohol from a U.S. insular possession such as Guam, Samoa or the U.S. Virgin Islands. …

  • How much alcohol can visitors bring into Canada?

  • How Much Alcohol Can Visitors Bring Into Canada? If you are a visitor to Canada, you are allowed to bring a small quantity of alcohol (wine, liquor, beer, or coolers) into the country without having to pay duty or taxes on it as long as: you meet the minimum legal drinking age for the province or territory at which you enter Canada.

  • Can You ship alcohol to the United States?

  • Shipping alcohol to the U.S., if your state allows it, can be a more-convenient option than carrying it yourself 鈥?but it can also be more expensive. When you ship alcohol, you forfeit the duty-free exemption.

  • How much does it cost to drink alcohol?

  • Duty rates are charged on the percentage of alcohol per liter. Rates on wine and beer run relatively low 鈥?about $1 to $2 per liter 鈥?but rates on fortified wines and spirits could be much more costly, according to the CBP website. You may also be responsible for paying state taxes. Again, check with your state’s Alcohol Beverage Control board.

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