how much liquor do you need for a wedding

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  • How many bottles of alcohol do I need for my wedding?

  • Wedding Alcohol for 50+ Guests 1 30 bottles of wine 2 90 bottles of beer 3 4 bottles of liquor/spirits More …

  • How do I choose the right alcohol for my wedding?

  • The wedding alcohol calculator will multiply the numbers and round them up, giving you the number of beer servings you need. If many guests are going to drink beer, buying it in kegs might be better value for money. Make sure to check whether going for single bottles is profitable.

  • How much alcohol do I need for 150 guests?

  • 150 guests will most probably require 105 bottles of wine, 266 bottles of beer, 22 bottles of liquor,

  • How many people prefer beer to wine at a wedding?

  • The general rule is 50 percent of your guests will prefer wine, 30 percent will prefer beer and 20 percent will prefer mixed drinks. My experience from catering for over twenty some years though has taught me that if the drinks are free a lot of the beer drinkers will go for a mixed drink.

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