how to check fake liquor

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Read the bottle carefully 鈥?check for any spelling mistakes. People who are manufacturing fake liquor usually do not care about proofreading that much. You should check for thesediment at the bottom of the bottle. If it is a mature drink, it will have sediment. Check the alcohol volume by shaking the bottle.

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  • How can you tell if alcohol is fake?

  • So, to make sure you鈥檙e not drinking fake alcohol (or at least expired ones), check the expiry date on the bottle. They are usually printed on the cap but some may be on the stickers too. 6. Take a closer look at the colour and texture of the liquid

  • How to check the authenticity of a bottle of alcohol?

  • Usually, bottles of hard liquor, wine, and beers are around 750ml to 1 litre. If you have a barcode checker on your phone, pull out the app and check those barcodes. It is quite common for counterfeit bottles to have fake barcodes too. 5. Price too good to be true? Then yes, it IS too good to be true

  • What to look out for when buying counterfeit alcohol?

  • Product: Look out for fake versions of well-known brands and be wary of unusual brand names you haven鈥檛 seen before. Vodka, the most commonly counterfeited spirit, shouldn鈥檛 have any white particles or sediment in the bottle.

  • Is it safe to drink fake liquor?

  • Sure, some people would be thanking the heavens for cheaper versions of those famous liquor brands, butttt waking up the next day with the worst headache of your life is when you know you鈥檝e f***ed up. After all, these fake liquor usually contain chemicals, colour dyes, and various other components which aren鈥檛 safe for consumption.

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