how to get a liquor company to sponsor an event

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Send out the sponsorship lettersto companies that might be interested in becoming your liquor sponsor. The people attending your event should be an appropriate target audience for the company so that the free promotion and advertising that you鈥檙e offering looks more attractive.

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  • How do you get sponsors for a liquor business?

  • The more promotion you can offer, the better. Create a signature drink to name after your sponsor. For example, if the XYZ company were your liquor sponsor, you would have a signature drink with the company name in it. Write a sponsorship letter to use to approach potential sponsors.

  • How do you promote a sponsorship event?

  • Give event-related freebies or discounts to customers that purchase the sponsor鈥檚 product or sign up for its service. Include the sponsor鈥檚 logo in all of your promotional gear.

  • Why do alcohol brands sponsor events?

  • As the classic advertising saying goes, 鈥渟how don鈥檛 tell.鈥?By sponsoring a unique, fun event alcohol brands are able to create the association between their product and their customers having a good time. Positioning creates desirable image and association of their product with their target market!

  • How do I find the right contact for selling event sponsorships?

  • Finding the right contact for selling event sponsorships means positioning yourself as strategically as possible. The 鈥渟ponsorship manager鈥?at your target sponsor is probably swamped with offers right now, so go left when everyone else is going right by seeking out less obvious options (which we鈥檒l touch on below). The brand team is your BFF.

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