how to get liquor delivered in georgia

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As of 2020, Georgia鈥檚 governor signed a House Bill into law that allows local stores in Georgia to sell alcohol throughInstacart鈥檚 delivery service. Now, consumers who are of legal age can order beer, wine, and liquor through the Instacart shopping app to have delivered to their homes.

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  • Is home delivery of alcohol legal in Georgia?

  • Home Delivery of Booze Begins in Georgia, But Not For Breweries and Distilleries Georgia鈥檚 new delivery law leaves breweries and distilleries out in the cold, as the state鈥檚 alcohol wholesaler lobby maintains its vise-like grip on booze producers by Austin L. Ray Nov 24, 2020, 10:07am EST

  • Where can you get alcohol delivered in Atlanta?

  • Brand ambassador Mary Huff has reached out to alcohol retailers throughout the Atlanta area offering the company鈥檚 delivery services. Huff says businesses like Decatur-based Wahoo Wine Provisions and Beer Girl, Growlers Bottleshop in Hapeville are currently on board.

  • What are the best liquor delivery sites?

  • Lulu Liquor 鈥淭heir delivery prices are in reason after looking at other sites that charge alot more and they鈥?more 5. Total Wine More 鈥淕reat selection of wine, champagne and beer. No liquor at this location. Very helpful staff.鈥?more 6. Tower Beer, Wine Spirits

  • When can I order beer and wine in Georgia?

  • It is a good idea to check into these rules before ordering your beer, wine, and liquor gifts to Georgia. In Georgia, the winter holidays 鈥?Christmas and New Year 鈥?are the most popular times to send corporate gifts with wine or liquor.

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