how to mark liquor bottles

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  • How much does it cost to sell a bottle of liquor?

  • Their goal is to realize a profit of 70 to 80 percent on liquor sales 鈥?that is, to sell a $20 bottle of liquor, drink by drink, for $66 to $100. In the industry, this is expressed as beverage cost or 鈥減our cost鈥?鈥?that is, the cost of the liquor served.

  • How can you tell if a bottle has a trademark?

  • Often, a trademark or other marking is embossed on the very bottom of the bottle, or along the lower 鈥渉eel鈥?of the bottle. In many cases there is NO such mark, with only a number or numbers to be seen.

  • How do you trademark a bottle of wine?

  • Regarding bottles, the trademark usually appears on the bottom of the bottle, possibly on the label, and sometimes embossed on face or backside of the bottle. With a trademark, the protection is in the symbol that distinguished the product, not in the actual product itself. Trademarks had their beginnings in early pottery and stone marks.

  • What is the mark on the base of a beer bottle?

  • The base is marked with the 鈥淗 over smaller a鈥?logo. KY.G.W. mark on base of amber beer bottle. Mold number 鈥?3鈥?on the base of an emerald green soda bottle made by Owens-Illinois, Inc. Millions of these types of 鈥済eneric鈥?non-returnable soda bottles have been made for many years.

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