how to report illegal liquor sales

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  • Is it an offence to sell illegal liquor?

  • IT IS AN OFFENCE TO: Report the abuse of liquor and report all illegal trade of liquor Think before you drink, before you drive DO DO NOT Discourage the abuse of alcohol Do not support illegal liquor outlets Do not drink and drive Do not supply or sell liquor to intoxicated persons or minors

  • Can a Liquor Licensee sell alcohol to an intoxicated person?

  • In most states, it is illegal for retail liquor licensees to sell alcohol to people who are already intoxicated. If you sell alcohol to someone who is intoxicated, you may legally be liable for any damages or injuries they cause.

  • Can a liquor store refuse to sell alcohol to Under 21s?

  • Some states require bars or pubs to check IDs at the door and not allow anyone under 21 to enter if alcohol makes up the majority of the establishment’s sales. Liquor stores also may prohibit anyone under 21 from entering the building. Refuse a sale if you have any questions or suspect the person is underage.

  • How to report a liquor offence in South Africa?

  • can shatter lives National Call Centre: 012 353 6111 For more information on liquor and firearm鈥搑elated matters SAPS Crime Stop: 08600 10111 Report liquor-related offences SAPS Emergency Services: 10111 Call in the event of a police emergency SANCA: 011 781 6410 The South African National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence

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