how to sneak liquor into a festival

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Special flip-flops, sports bras, scarves and underwear have been made with beverage bladders inside. Meanwhile, disguised flasks in the forms of sunscreen bottles and binoculars provide additional options. For DIY alternatives, festival goers can sneak alcohol into events withloaves of bread and faux labels taken from soft drinks.

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  • How to sneak alcohol into a music festival?

  • Don鈥檛 eat them all mind as you鈥檒l be using the remaining 20% to mask the alcohol hidden within your Pringles tube. Wash out your shampoo container (thoroughly), and use it to sneak alcohol into music festivals. Do you like the taste of shampoo?

  • Can You Bring your own alcohol to a festival?

  • For a lot of us, the dream summer weekend is spent dancing in a muddy field with a can of Red Stripe and some sequins on. But now that festivals are getting more and more strict about bringing your own alcohol onto the site, some people are getting sneaky about how to get your booze on board.

  • What do you mark the bottom of alcohol bottles with?

  • To ensure that you don鈥檛 mistakenly chug a mouthful of vodka instead of water and/or spike your lemonade with water, mark the bottom of the alcohol filled bottles with tiny X鈥檚 or hearts or smiley faces. 3. Football 鈥淎ccidentally鈥?Thrown over the Fence

  • Can you bring alcohol to a Music Fest in your Subaru?

  • The tent is packed up in the back of your Subaru, you have your hottest flower crown on, man bun in tow, and your ray ban glasses perched atop your nose, I don鈥檛 know, pick a thing. But sadly no precious booze is allowed in that music fest鈥ut you don鈥檛 accept that, and you shouldn鈥檛 have to.

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