how to sneak liquor into a festival

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Meanwhile,disguised flasks in the forms of sunscreen bottles and binoculars provide additional options. For DIY alternatives,festival goers can sneak alcohol into events withloaves of bread and faux labels taken from soft drinks.

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  • How do you sneak alcohol into a festival?

  • This one is a fun way to sneak alcohol into a festival but also doubles as a fun party trick, but it does take a few days of prep. All you have to do is grab a bag of gummy bears and a bottle of your booze of choice (vodka seems to be popular).

  • Can you bring alcohol into a festival?

  • You are going to want to bring and/or sneak alcohol into a festival with you 鈥?that is a fact. Whether it is chilling at your tent, wandering the campsite or taking to the stages (see more on this below), having a cheeky beverage or two on tap without having to walk far is going to up your festival enjoyment ten fold.

  • How to sneak alcohol on a cruise?

  • Simply stuff in your bra or down your pants and your guaranteed to smuggle your alcohol in. All these tips will work to sneak alcohol on a cruise too. Ditch the glass and put the alcohol in cruise drink bags, or tightened tetra packs, and you鈥檒l get past the security easily. Is that really water? Or has she smuggled alcohol on her cruise?

  • Can You sneak alcohol into a festival with Pringles?

  • In the Pringles tube Same idea, different smuggling vessel. Just add a food bag filled with booze in the bottom 鈥?weighs less than bottles 鈥?and stack a few Pringles on top. Sneaky. This is how to sneak alcohol into a festival on the cheap, and you get to eat some tasty Pringles too.

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