how to sneak liquor into a stadium

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  • How do you sneak alcohol into a football stadium?

  • That鈥檚 why I鈥檝e compiled a list of the nine best ways to sneak alcohol into a football stadium. 1. Plastic Hip Flask I first saw this little gem put to use in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. This flask is technically a bladder, but I refuse to call what I put my sweet, sweet bourbon into a bladder.

  • How do you sneak alcohol into a festival?

  • This one is a fun way to sneak alcohol into a festival but also doubles as a fun party trick, but it does take a few days of prep. All you have to do is grab a bag of gummy bears and a bottle of your booze of choice (vodka seems to be popular).

  • How do you bring a water bottle to a football game?

  • Most stadiums now allow you to bring in one or two unopened water bottles. This ploy is designed to take advantage of this generosity. The night before the game, take a water bottle and carefully peal off the label. Poke a hole in the area where the label goes and drain the water out.

  • Can you bring a soda into a sports stadium?

  • Most stadiums won鈥檛 let you bring food or beverages inside the gate with you, but you might be able to convince security personnel to let you finish a soda inside. In that case, you can always go with the Liquor Skin.

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