how to sneak liquor into concert

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  • How to sneak alcohol into a concert or festival?

  • Best Ways to Sneak Alcohol into a Concert or Festival 1 Fake Sunscreen ( other gadgets) 2 Lining Rip in Your Purse 3 Your Bra (or your girlfriend鈥檚 bra) 4 Your Hoodie 5 Flask Down Your Pants 6 Bottle of Booze in Your Hair

  • What are some sneaky alcohol tricks?

  • This is the most well known of sort-of sneaky alcohol tricks. For this to work, you need to know your venue. A lot of places realize that many people fill up their water bottles with vodka or gin to avoid having to buy any drinks at the event, so they sometimes ban water bottles.

  • How much alcohol should you bring to a concert or festival?

  • From the beach to the ballet (OK, if you鈥檙e drinking at the ballet you might have a problem), these methods are foolproof. For outdoor concerts and festivals, the most bang for your buck is the sunblock bottle. For around $10 you can hold 8 oz of alcohol in this, which equates to around eight shots.

  • What’s the best way to sneak alcohol into a pub?

  • Perhaps the most obvious place to start is with a flask. The flask is practically synonymous with sneaky drinking. Just slide it into a back pocket or your lady’s purse and go about your business. The smaller the flask, the easier it is to smuggle in, so always keep that in mind.

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