how to turn liquor bottles into glasses

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  • Can you turn bottles into drinking glasses?

  • Bottles into Drinking Glasses You Say Beer, wine, liquor, soda and even a few choice imported waters all share one feature that makes them somewhat unique. They come in glass bottles. These bottles are often highly decorated and very attractive to the eye.

  • What is the best bottle to make a drinking glass?

  • Another really cool bottle that can be made into a fine drinking glass is the new Bud Light Platinum. It comes in a beautiful blue bottle that is very eye-catching. Sadly I do not drink beer, so any beer bottles I use for this are provided by good friends.

  • Can You repurpose glass bottles?

  • Repurposing glass bottles has never been easier, and it鈥檚 also a great way to transform the look of your home without spending any cash. Check out the tutorial below to learn how your empty beer bottles can become drinking glasses.

  • How to cut beer bottles?

  • Bottle cutting: 1 The end result 2 Select your bottles 3 Drink all of the beer 4 Wash the bottles 5 Determine where to cut and adjust your bottle cutter 6 Score the glass using one full rotation 7 Boil some water 8 Chill some water 9 Separate the bottle 10 Sand the rough edges More items…

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