how to turn liquor bottles into glasses

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  • Can you turn bottles into drinking glasses?

  • Bottles into Drinking Glasses You Say Beer, wine, liquor, soda and even a few choice imported waters all share one feature that makes them somewhat unique. They come in glass bottles. These bottles are often highly decorated and very attractive to the eye.

  • What is the best bottle to make a drinking glass?

  • Another really cool bottle that can be made into a fine drinking glass is the new Bud Light Platinum. It comes in a beautiful blue bottle that is very eye-catching. Sadly I do not drink beer, so any beer bottles I use for this are provided by good friends.

  • Can You repurpose glass bottles?

  • Repurposing glass bottles has never been easier, and it鈥檚 also a great way to transform the look of your home without spending any cash. Check out the tutorial below to learn how your empty beer bottles can become drinking glasses.

  • How do you cut a glass bottle with yarn?

  • Wrap the heavy yarn around the bottle at the point you want to cut. Imagine that this yarn will cut the bottle at the exact point you have it placed. Now focus and watch as the yarn passes through the glass like a warm knife through butter. Just kidding, that is not going to happen. Wrap the yarn three times around the bottle.

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