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  • What is Angry Orchard Cider?

  • Despite its intimidating name, Angry Orchard is a sweet cider brand that has introduced many Americans to the cider category. The Walden, N.Y.-based brand is never boring, offering an abundance of styles and flavors of the fruit-filled goodness. If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, an Angry Orchard a day certainly can鈥檛 hurt.

  • What products does Angry Orchard sell?

  • Along with Angry Orchard-themed sweatshirts, beanies, and T-shirts, the brand also sells some more out-of-the-box goods, like branded beard oil, hard cider jelly, and Angry Orchard puzzles. Alongside these items, the brand also offers large-format bottles of cider and ice cider (think ice wine, but made with apples).

  • Is Angry Orchard more than an alternative to beer?

  • Angry Orchard is more than an alternative. For years, hard ciders like Angry Orchard have been seen as an alternative to beer and wine. And lately, they鈥檝e been lumped in with the emerging category of hard seltzer.

  • How much did Angry Orchard make from Bold Rock Cider?

  • In fact, according to Statista, the brand sold over $220 million worth of cider on the retail market in 2019. Sales of Bold Rock, the No. 2 cider brand in the United States, reached less than $28 million that year 鈥?less than one-eighth of Angry Orchard鈥檚 sales.

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