is dark liquor bad for you

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  • Is it safe to drink Dark alcohol?

  • While it’s considered safe to drink dark alcohols in moderation, they do contain a higher number of congeners, Dr. Nguyen says, which are impurities that form during the fermentation process. Several chemicals are produced in this process, such as acetone, Dr. Nguyen says.

  • Can light liquor get you drunk?

  • Light liquor will intoxicate you just as much as dark liquor can. The alcohol itself and the metabolites your body produces when metabolizing alcohol lead to getting drunk, buzzed, tipsy, sloppy, etc. The color of the alcohol really doesn鈥檛 matter at all when it comes to intoxication.

  • Does dark liquor give you a hangover?

  • Although, dark liquor may increase the risk of hangovers due to congeners. Congeners are other chemicals in dark liquor that are a byproduct of aging alcohol in barrels. (Check out my post on hangovers for more information).

  • Do darker alcohols have more side effects than clear alcohols?

  • Darker alcohols may have more side effects than clear, thanks to the organic compounds and impurities 鈥?also known as congeners, in the biz 鈥?that they pick up in the production process.

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