is dark liquor bad for you

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Not bad

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  • Is it bad to drink too much dark alcohol?

  • Drinking the dark one is not bad either. Some of the congeners in dark alcohol are actually good impurities. Congeners such as butanol (you can find it in whiskey) have a protective effect. It protects your stomach lining, the one produces important compounds in your stomach.

  • Can light liquor get you drunk?

  • Light liquor will intoxicate you just as much as dark liquor can. The alcohol itself and the metabolites your body produces when metabolizing alcohol lead to getting drunk, buzzed, tipsy, sloppy, etc. The color of the alcohol really doesn鈥檛 matter at all when it comes to intoxication.

  • What happens when you mix light and dark alcohol?

  • When you switch to the dark one, your body thinks that you are still at the same level of drinking and intoxication. It will make you take even more alcohol! This is why you are not supposed to mix light and dark alcohol. Just like the first case, you will drink too much and you will suffer from a hangover the next day.

  • Is it better to drink dark or light liquor first?

  • Of course in a certain dose of drinks, you are bound to be drunk. It is just that if you start to drink light liquor then dark ones the likely you are just drunk. However, switching the order by drinking dark liquor first then the lighter ones, you will not feel too drunk or horrible in the morning.

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