is it bad to drink liquor everyday

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  • Is it bad to drink alcohol every day?

  • This feeling of lacking control or craving alcohol can be a sign of dependence and addiction. Alcohol dependence and addiction are just two risks of drinking every day. Heavy alcohol consumption can pose several other health risks, including gastritis, and eventually liver and heart disease.

  • What happens if you drink hard liquor every night?

  • If drinking hard liquor every night takes you over the recommended limit, you might be seriously damaging your heart. The American Heart Association states that drinking in excess 鈥?over the recommendation 鈥?can result in high blood pressure, cardiomyopathy or cardiac arrhythmias. Even worse, binge drinking can result in heart failure.

  • Is drinking too much hard liquor bad for Your Liver?

  • If you go back to what’s considered a drink, that hard liquor every night may be adding up to more than your body can handle. Here’s what can happen to your liver if you are drinking a little too much every night.

  • What happens if you drink alcohol everyday for 40 years?

  • The imbalance in good and bad bacteria affects your stomach functions. The most common outcome of this interference is Ulcers and inflammation. In many cases, drinking alcohol everyday for 40 years can cause liver diseases. #5.

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