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  • Does Lee’s liquor store have a location on the east side?

  • I recently moved to the East side but have shopped many Lee’s liquor locations. I’ve racked up some serious reward points at Lee’s and attend each Wine event hosted by them. However, the Lee’s location at Maryland Pkwy/Windmill has caused me to purchase my spirits elsewhere. I was at that location Christmas Eve to stock up on Holiday cheer.

  • Does Lee’s discount liquor offer delivery?

  • Yes, Lee’s Discount Liquor offers delivery. What forms of payment are accepted? Lee’s Discount Liquor accepts credit cards. How is Lee’s Discount Liquor rated? Lee’s Discount Liquor has 2.5 stars.

  • Is Lee’s discount the most expensive place to buy beer in Reno?

  • I went there to buy a 36 pack of Budweiser and it was double what I normally pay at Wal Mart , the non alcoholic beer is actually more than doubled the amount compared to Wal Mart. If you ask me Lee’s Discount is by far the most expensive place in Reno/Sparks . Never will I ever shop there again for anything.

  • What is it like to shop at Lee’s?

  • Our first Lee’s experience was in Las Vegas and it was a crowded store, about twice as big as your local 7-11. This store is huge in comparison, and spacious. After being in awe of the size we were immediately greeted by an employee who took about five minutes and explained to us the entire layout of the store.

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