is wine healthier than liquor

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After digging a little deeper, the Texas researchers found that wine drinkers were younger, wealthier, less likely to smoke, and more physically fit than their beer or liquor-swigging counterparts. After adjusting for lifestyle factors, the UT team found that wine offeredno greater health benefitthan beer or liquor.

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  • Is red wine healthier than beer or hard liquor?

  • After comparing the benefits of drinking beer, wine or hard liquor and appraising these against the ills of each, the resounding conclusion is that red wine emerges as the healthiest and as the least harmful among the three. Alcohol consumption in moderate amounts can actually alleviate stress and produce positive effects on mood and disposition.

  • Is drinking wine good for You?

  • Considering the many health gains that drinking wine promises us, we may assume that the more wine we drink, the greater the benefits that our body shall reap. Unfortunately, this is most certainly an erroneous assumption and we couldn鈥檛 be any farther off the mark.

  • Is alcohol good for You?

  • If you like wine, research indicates it鈥檚 especially healthful. But if you鈥檙e a beer or liquor drinker, you鈥檒l still benefit from the health benefits of ethanol, Ellison adds. Just avoid sporadic boozing.

  • Do wine drinkers have a lower death rate?

  • Sept. 18, 2000 — Medical researchers have known for quite a while that drinking alcohol moderately seems to have a beneficial effect on health, particularly on heart disease. Now a new study by Danish researchers suggests that wine drinkers have a substantially lower death rate than people who drink…

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