is wine healthier than liquor

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The bad-for-your-health sugar and yeast components in wine are present in so many other libations, such as Champagne, beer, cosmos, mojitos and that delish margarita on the rocks. On the other hand, studies have shown thatwine drinkers are known to take better care of their healththan beer or liquor drinkers.

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  • Is wine really better for you than alcohol?

  • Well, maybe not. For years we鈥檝e been told that wine鈥檚 antioxidants are beneficial and have actual health benefits that make the libation superior to hitting a bottle of hard alcohol 鈥?but that might not be entirely true. Plus, thinking more carefully and thoughtfully about the whats, hows and whens of alcohol consumption (if at all) is important.

  • What is the difference between alcohol and wine?

  • Alcohol content: Wine: Wine has a low alcohol content, typically less than 15%. Liquor: Liquor has a high alcohol content; the ABV is typically over 35%.

  • What are the health benefits of wine?

  • However, drinking high amounts of any alcohol can contribute to health problems. Studies associate these health benefits with low to moderate wine drinking: Potentially Lowered Cancer Risk The antioxidants in wine fight cell damage in our bodies caused by aging, environmental factors like pollution, and lifestyle.

  • Is there a health benefit of alcohol?

  • The true health benefit of alcohol is not likely its polyphenol content but the effects of ethanol itself, as discussed below. Despite the healthful compounds identified in red wine, epidemiological studies have not confirmed that a specific type of alcoholic drink, whether wine, beer, or spirits, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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