what can you do with empty liquor bottles

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But empty liquor bottles can be just as amazing if you use them for a science project. Combine baking soda and vinegar in an empty bottle toproduce carbon dioxide, which you can trap and use to inflate a balloon attached to the lip of the bottle.

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  • What to do with empty wine bottles?

  • 12 Cool Ways to Use Those Empty Wine Bottles 1 WINE BOTTLE PLANTER#N#Who doesn鈥檛 love cooking with fresh herbs? Rather than constantly buying them at the store, save… 2 OUTDOOR LIGHT More …

  • How to decorate a room with empty beer bottles?

  • Light series Instead of using bulb covers, you can make use of empty beer bottles to create a series of light hanging in a corner of your room, making it your favourite corner. 3. Earrings Every woman has a fetish for earrings.

  • What to do with old whiskey bottles?

  • Don鈥檛 drink and DIY. If it holds whisky, it can hold any beverage鈥攁nd more. Simply wash out the bottle and use it to hold water, iced tea, or anything you desire. Empty bottles also make a great flower vase. You may want to remove the label and paint or otherwise decorate the bottle, a method often deployed by restaurants.

  • How can I reuse or recycle an empty Mini alcohol bottle?

  • Then alternate dipping the bottle into boiling water and ice water. The bottle should split on the line. Just be sure to sand down the glass鈥檚 edge before taking a shot from it. Decorate small spaces, bar shelves or your next breakfast-in-bed tray with a single flower in an empty mini booze bottle.

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