what can you do with empty liquor bottles

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  • What to do with empty wine bottles?

  • These bottle lights make the perfect party lights. All you have to do is drill a hole in the back of several empty bottles and then run a string of lights through them. 2. Candle This elegant and classy candle is a simple DIY. Use a glass cutter to cut off the bottom of a wine bottle.

  • How to decorate a room with empty beer bottles?

  • Light series Instead of using bulb covers, you can make use of empty beer bottles to create a series of light hanging in a corner of your room, making it your favourite corner. 3. Earrings Every woman has a fetish for earrings.

  • How can I reuse or recycle an empty Mini alcohol bottle?

  • Then alternate dipping the bottle into boiling water and ice water. The bottle should split on the line. Just be sure to sand down the glass鈥檚 edge before taking a shot from it. Decorate small spaces, bar shelves or your next breakfast-in-bed tray with a single flower in an empty mini booze bottle.

  • What can I make with empty water bottles?

  • Use an empty water bottle, a sock, some bubbles, and a bit of food coloring to create a device that’s capable of making these cool rainbow snakes. This is the perfect summer boredom buster for kids. Make this dramatic mobile out of plastic bottles.

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