what is a class a liquor license

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Class A licenseauthorizes the retail sale of liquor and wine for consumption off the premisesClass B license authorizes the retail sale of liquor and wine for consumption on or off the premises Class A license authorizes the retail sale of beer for consumption off the premises

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  • What is a manufacturer Class A liquor license?

  • License class determines the kinds of alcoholic beverages an establishment can sell. Manufacturer Class A: Permits the production of spirits and wine (wine includes cider). Manufacturer Class B: Permits the production of beer.

  • What are the different types of liquor licenses?

  • Liquor licenses are generally grouped or classified by their CLASS, TYPE, and SPECIAL designations. Some examples as they appear on a license: C (BW) M is a class C (Club license, on sale only. On premises consumption only by members and guests), type BW (Beer Wine only), special M (allowed to play record music).

  • What is a Class C liquor license in California?

  • On-premises Retailer Class C: Permits the sale, service and consumption of spirits, beer and wine at a restaurant, tavern, nightclub, hotel, bed and breakfast and multipurpose facility. The licenses are further defined as follows by type of establishment:

  • How much does a liquor license cost?

  • A retail liquor license is known as a Class A license. This license permits the business owner to not only sell alcoholic or malt beverages, but also wine. The types of retail businesses that require this license are grocery or convenience stores. The fees for this license range from $300 up to $1,500.

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