what is tea liquor

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In tea circles, the word liquor is a far cry from builders tea. The Liquor is commonly used as an aid todescribing the experience that the tea is providing the drinker. It鈥檚 more akin to an afternoon tea conversation!

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  • Why call tea a liquor?

  • Which is a concentrated liquid also added to tea after infusion and can include flavors such as licorice, fruits, and even some alcohol. So Why Call It a Liquor? I don鈥檛 know anyone that would look at a glass of water and call it liquor. And in that lies the answer. A cup of tea, regardless of what type it is, is no longer simply a cup of water.

  • What is tea?

  • What is Tea? A plant called Camellia sinensis produces the leaves and buds that are commonly known as tea 鈥?the most common beverage consumed in the world, second only to water.

  • What is the liquor of white tea?

  • The liquor of White Tea is very pale yellow in color, and mild tasting in the cup. White tea should be prepared using water that is just off the boil. *The new growth on a tea plant consisting of a full complement of leaves. It takes about 40 days for a new bud to blossom into a flush.

  • What are the characteristics of tea liquor?

  • A tactile sensation related to tea viscosity and strength of liquor combined with weight on the tongue. Body can be wispy, light, medium or full. Also called 鈥渕outh feel.鈥?Intrinsic traits of the tea liquor, broadly identifying a tea by country region or estate.

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