what is the cost for a liquor license

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$300 to $14,000

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  • How much does a liquor license cost in New York City?

  • Liquor license cost in New York City. Here are the most common liquor license costs: $960 for beer and cider (plus a $100 filing fee) $960 for wine, beer and cider (plus a $100 filing fee) $4,352 for on-premises liquor (plus a $200 filing fee)

  • How are California liquor license fees funded?

  • The California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control is funded from fees paid by licensees. License fees generally fall into two categories, application fees and annual fees. The Department is authorized to increase alcohol license fees annually by an amount not to exceed inflation to ensure revenues keep pace with increased costs.

  • How much does it cost to start a liquor business?

  • Snapping up your liquor license can cost you anywhere from $50 to over $300,000, depending on the type of license and the state you鈥檙e in. But that鈥檚 a small price to pay for selling alcohol that can generate a profit margin of 75% to 80%.

  • How much does it cost to get a New Mexico liquor license?

  • If you do find a license, there is a $200 application fee, and fingerprint cards, a tax clearance, and other documentation must be submitted to the New Mexico Alcohol and Gaming Division. See a list of available licenses in the state of New York here, with information on how to apply and any other details you may need to know.

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