what is the healthiest type of liquor

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The 6 Healthiest Alcohols You Can Be DrinkingTequila. …Red Wine. …Rum. Rum isn’t a popular li …Whiskey. …Ros. Ros does more for yo …Champagne. …

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  • What is the healthiest alcohol to drink?

  • Yes, excess binge drinking is dangerous, but drinking in moderation does have some surprising health benefits. More often than not, when people try to 鈥渂e healthy鈥?or lose weight, they cut down on alcohol. If you’re looking to be healthier while drinking alcohol occasionally, these are the healthiest alcohols you can choose from. 1. Tequila

  • What is the most calorie-friendly alcohol?

  • According to Kaufman, 鈥淲ine is the most calorie friendly alcohol option. One ounce contains 20 calories, and one five ounce glass of most types of wine usually contains 100 calories.

  • What are the best hard liquors for gut health?

  • Tequila is also one of the more gut-friendly hard liquors, according to Friedman, since it contains dietary fiber and probiotics (although both studies and experts emphasize that tequila is absolutely not a good source of probiotics).

  • What are the health benefits of liquor?

  • Aside from coming with a crazy experience, liquor may even have some health benefits. From weight loss to heart health, drinking liquor can help improve your health. Of course, you need to remember to drink in moderation and know that liquor isn’t a cure-all; even though we’d all love it if it were!

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