what is type 41 liquor license

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  • What is a California Type 41 liquor license?

  • If you operate an eating establishment in California, a California type 41 liquor license is the perfect way to enhance your patrons dining experience. Whether it be a family style restaurant, a hipster caf or a fancy dining experience you operate, the ability to offer beer and wine is sure to appeal to your customers.

  • What is a Type 41 license in New York?

  • The Type 41 license is for beer and wine, and is designated as an 鈥淥n-premises鈥?license. This means that alcohol may be sold, opened and served on the premises, but may not sell closed containers to be consumed elsewhere.

  • What is a type 20 liquor license for a restaurant?

  • Type 20 refers to off-sale beer and wine sales. Type 21 in contrast is for off-sale purchases, but proprietors with this license can also sell spirits in conjunction with beer and wine. The main types of liquor permits for restaurant owners are Type 41 and Type 47.

  • What type of liquor license do restaurants need in California?

  • One of the most common types of liquor licenses for restaurants, however is the California Type 41 liquor license. The Type 41 license is specifically designated for businesses that primarily serve food.

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